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A Word from the Dean of the Faculty of Law

Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb.



Seek knowledge, to seek it because of Allah is taqwa, to study it is ibadah, to repeat it is tasbih, to discuss it is jihad, to teach it to those who do not know is sadaqah, and to turn it over to experts is to draw closer to Allah. (Abu Shaykh Ibn Hibbaan and Ibn Abd al-Barr, Ilya Al-Ghazali: 1986).

The Faculty of Law of YARSI University is a respected, authoritative, and outstanding institution. A competency-based faculty, it produces excellent legal scholars with the ability to compete in national and international forums. Featuring specialized programs of Civil Law, Economic Law and Legal Practitioners, accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT), FHUY is a private university with easy access, the campus strategically located and equipped with air-conditioned classrooms, LCD (Virtual Learning), laboratory / Moot Court, and Wi- Fi hot-spots all over the campus. Students are also provided with internships as paralegals/assistants to lawyers, a competency-based curriculum, the Student-Centered and Case-Study learning methods, highly qualified teaching staff and Digital Library and Legal Journals to help these aspiring youngsters to become Muslim legal scholars fully skilled in legal problem solving.

Let us encourage our academic community to always strive to learn and enrich their knowledge. We must be able to assess ourselves, prepare for our future, integrating the hopes and ideals of the nation with ours to face the looming globalization era. It is undeniable that the challenges of globalization must be addressed wisely, it is a must to equip ourselves with strong IMTAQ coupled with formidable skills. Thus, our knowledge broadens and our positive reasoning evolves, steering us to act smart, which is line with YARSI SMART, towards a world class university.

Use science as a sword of glory, to raze ignorance and obliterate benightedness, so that we will not be in loss. Remember the wisdom of humble rice: the stalks bow deeper as they ripen.

May Allah continue to increase our knowledge and reward all of us for good deeds, Amen.

Wassalammualaikum wr.wb



Dean of the Faculty of Law