The curriculum of the Faculty of Law is periodically evaluated and updated based on the development of science and on the needs of the users while keeping it in line with the concept of competency-based curriculum. The objectives of the curriculum is to produce professional legal experts who have the competence and skills in the practice of law as well as high integrity. In this program, a student generally requires a study period of 3.5 years (7 semesters) to 4 years (8) semesters with a study load of approximately 149 credit points. At the end of the study period, the student must prepare a thesis to defend in front of the Thesis Examining Committee. After graduation, the student will be entitled to the academic degree of Bachelor of Laws (SH).

Legal Studies Program (S1) at the Faculty of Law of the University YARSI offers three (3) specializations that students can choose from as the focus of their studies:

1. Civil Law;

2. Economic Law;

3. Legal Practitioners

To support the education, research and community services at both the faculty and the university levels, modern, comfortable, safe and prestigious facilities for the entire academic community are available, among others:

1. Modern classrooms;

2. Seminar rooms

3. Auditorium

4. Academic administration services office

5. Moot court

6. OPTIMA Language

7. Library

8. Mosque

9. Health clinic