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Scholarships granted by YARSI Foundation

Students/prospective students of YARSI University’s Faculty of Law chance to get a scholarship from a number of institutions with with certain requirements.

YARSI Foundation provides scholarships for prospective students and students during their studies at YARSI with the following requirements:

• In the top 5 at their high school (proved by the Principal’s letter of attestation)

• Copy of report card of semesters 1-5

• High school diploma holder (high school equivalency diploma holder is not eligible)

• Scored an average of 8.0 in the National Exam

• Parent/provider’s proof of income verified by the local authorities

• Statement of Financial Need verified by the local authorities

• Copy of family register

• Copy of ID card of both parents

• Copy of applicant’s ID Card.

• Pass the written test and meet the minimum score on Graduate Record Examination

• Pass the interview

These scholarships can be extended each semester on condition that the awardee retain a minimum GPA of 3.5, have good conduct, and be able to complete his/her study on time.